android IR 적외선 통신으로 리모콘 만들기 찾는 중 Android

android 4.4 kitkat에서 적외선을 발사할 수 있게 됐다.
가전제품 리모콘을 만들 수 있겠다.

Infrared transmitters

When running on a device that includes an infrared (IR) transmitter, you can now transmit IR signals using theConsumerIrManager APIs. To get an instance of ConsumerIrManager, call getSystemService() withCONSUMER_IR_SERVICE as the argument. You can then query the device's supported IR frequencies withgetCarrierFrequencies() and transmit signals by passing your desired frequency and signal pattern withtransmit().

You should always first check whether a device includes an IR transmitter by calling hasIrEmitter(), but if your app is compatible only with devices that do have one, you should include a <uses-feature> element in your manifest for"android.hardware.consumerir" (FEATURE_CONSUMER_IR).

LG전자 QRemote sdk를 기대했는데, 도움이 안되는 것 같다.

wifi로 smart tv 조종하는 것만 되는건가?
smart tv용 app은 있던데, IR 리모콘 앱은 없더라.

그런데, nexus 5에서는 지원안한다. -_-
infrared blaster (remote control, though the Nexus 5 doesn’t feature this option)

을 설치해봐도 작동하지 않는다.


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